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Kjetill Howard, Owner & Key Account Director

Kjetill Howard created Global Perspectives™ in 2009 and has grown the company to what it is today. His role is sales, marketing and business development.

Kjetill has been on the client side for many years in Denmark and Belgium before joining a UK-based international market research agency in 2003. He has more than 15 years of experience from various marketing research and analysis projects.

Kjetill is the ideal person to talk to if you want to explore whether a project is feasible and how best to find a certain audience group across different countries.

Joe Waby, Owner & Project Team Director

Joe Waby heads up the Project Management Team at Global Perspectives™. His role involves designing, testing and implementing strategies that allow us to:

  • Use custom-built digital tools to recruit the largest numbers of respondents, most cost effectively.
  • Build a project management team that delivers the best client service using the best recruitment strategies, every time.
  • Show our current and potential clients how we can help them.

Joe has 14 years experience working in a range of methodologies and environments within the market research industry.

Diana de la Puente, Project Manager – HEOR patient recruitment

Diana de la Puente joined Global Perspectives™ in 2015. Diana has built an array of experience in managing health economics and outcomes research, primarily projects that require the recruitment of difficult to reach patients, validation of medical diagnosis and project approval by regulatory and ethical bodies.

Diana is the person to talk to in order to understand how best to recruit patients for HEOR projects, how we can validate their diagnosis, and what regulatory bodies (if any) need to approve the research in different countries.

Diana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Marketing from the University of Oviedo (Spain) with specialisation in Business Management. She also studied as an exchange student at the Budapest Business School (Hungary).

Paula González, Qualitative Project Manager

Paula González joined Global Perspectives™ in 2015. In the past few years, Paula has successfully project managed dozens of projects around the world, ranging from small scale cognitive debriefing projects to large scale patient and HCP recruitment and interviewing.

During this time, Paula has become specialised in the logistics and planning of multi-country qualitative projects that involve recruitment, moderation, simultaneous translation and careful selection and alignment of different resources around the world.

Paula is the ideal person to talk to when designing and planning such projects in the healthcare and B2B sectors.

Paula holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Oviedo (Spain) and spent a year as an exchange student at the University of Copenhagen.

Sonia López, Project Manager – Online Surveys and Social Media

Sonia López joined Global Perspectives™ in 2015. Sonia has successfully recruited thousands of hard to reach patients and HCPs around the world, and in the process has developed into an expert at recruiting patients via online panels and social media.

Sonia is driving Global Perspectives™ efforts towards a transition to recruiting more patients directly through social media advertising, engaging patient associations or through pre-screened consumer panels.

Sonia has more than 6 years of experience as a Business Consultant where she was responsible of assessment and integral management to obtain public financing for business projects of investment, training and Innovation.

Sonia holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Oviedo. She also holds an MBA from EOI School of business.

Marion Rahard – Senior Project Manager Healthcare Market Research

Marion Rahard joined Global Perspectives™ in January 2018 as a Senior Project Manager.

Marion has 10 years’ experience in managing international market research projects from market research companies based in the UK and Spain. Marion spends her time at Global Perspectives™ sourcing and training resource all over the world to take part in qualitative and quantitative market research projects.

Marion holds a MA in Communication from ISCOM School of Communication in Paris and a BA in Marketing from the University of Hull (UK).


Guiomar González joined Global Perspectives in 2017. Guiomar has successfully project managed dozens of linguistic validation projects around the world as well as small-scale patient recruitment projects.

During this time, Guiomar has also personally conducted cognitive debriefing interviews and Focus Groups with a range of different patient groups.

Guiomar is the ideal person to talk to when designing and planning linguistic validation projects.

Guiomar holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade from the University of León (Spain) and spent a semester as an exchange student at the Hogeschool University of Utrecht (the Netherlands).