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Linguistic Validation and Cognitive Debriefing with Global Perspectives™

Global Perspectives™ are experts in providing linguistic validation services for the localization of healthcare questionnaires in over 100 languages around the world.

Three aspects of Global Perspectives™ make us the ideal choice for the localization of healthcare questionnaires:

  1. Expert recruiters of hard-to-reach audiences. Our network of recruiters is best placed to recruit the clinicians and patients needed to test the target language materials. For example, we have recruited GPs, psychologists, and oncologists for clinician reviews and recruited patients with haemophilia, autism or lung cancer to undertake cognitive debriefing interviews. Our recruiters use a combination of market research recruitment techniques to recruit clinicians and patients.
  2. Experienced cognitive debriefing moderators in every country. All moderators are native speakers of the target language and also fluent in English. Moderators complete the Global Perspectives™ cognitive debriefing training programme, are individually briefed on each project and audio files/reports for the first interviews are checked and certified before being allowed to continue with further interviews.
  3. Global Perspectives™ Project Managers manage all projects according to our SOPs, which allows us to achieve a high and consistent quality standard for all projects, no matter which language and moderators are used.

Here are three different linguistic validation services that we offer:

  1. Self-completion clinician reviews. We recruit a bilingual clinician in the chosen market, validate the clinician profile with the client and ensure that they complete the review task by the deadline.
  2. Cognitive Debriefing of patient interviews. We recruit patients all over the world e.g. five haemophilia patients and five haemophilia caregivers in 20 countries around the world, and then deliver audio files and cognitive debriefing reports that contain recommendations of how to amend the validated documents.
  3. General population focus groups. A quick and easy way to validate documents is to run focus groups in a chosen market with an experienced moderator.

If you would like to learn more about our linguistic validation services, please contact Paula or Guiomar.

Linguistic Validation expertise in over 50 countries

Our global team of patient recruiters and moderators provide the crucial link between the translators and the native speaking patients. We recruit the patients from any country and language group with the required pathology, interview them using cognitive debriefing techniques and report in English.

The aim of the cognitive debriefing is to evaluate the clarity, understandability, naturalness and adequacy of a draft translation of any health instrument or communication material. Our research teams around the globe:
– Recruit the patients and/or clinicians
– Moderate and audio record the interviews that would be conducted face-to-face, unless other methods have been agreed with the client
– Identify wording, phrases and expressions that the respondents have difficulty understanding and/or think are unsuitable
– Report the issues and suggestions for language improvements

We combine global experience with local knowledge – While projects are managed centrally by our experienced Project Managers, we use associates with local expertise to undertake the research. We always use associates who are native speakers in the country where the research is based.