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Health State Trade-off Survey across 5 countries

We undertook a Health State TTO survey among the general population in France, Italy, Brazil, Spain and Australia.

We recruited respondents via in-street intercepts or consumer databases and invited them to a central location to take part in the health state exercise.
All interviewers received thorough training so that they could guide respondents through the interview process as the Time Trade Off Experiment methodology is a little tricky for both interviewers and respondents to understand conceptually.
Interviews were completed in a timely manner and to a very high percentage success rate.

European ADHD Study

One of the largest studies every conducted about the effects of ADHD on children and their parents in 9 European countries.

We conducted 5-10 elicitation interviews per country with adolescents and their parents to help develop the quant questionnaire.

We then linguistically validated the questionnaire with patients in each country.

Finally, we recruited and surveyed over 4,000 respondents for the quant survey using a multi-source recruitment  strategy by combining a number of different online patient panels in each country.

Multinational quant survey with Parkinson’s patients

We recruit large numbers of patients for quantitative surveys. We used a range of recruitment techniques to recruit large numbers of patients, including clinician referrals, patients association referral and social media advertisements.

We recruited 300 Parkinson’s Disease patients across the UK, Spain and France for an online quality of life survey. In this case, we hosted and scripted the survey, translated the questionnaire and captured and delivered the data.

As the patients had Parkinson’s Disease, the patients required careful support from our recruitment team and they often had a carer or the recruiter to help them complete the online survey.

Anemia in ESRD Kidney Disease Population

Recruitment of 150 Kidney Disease patients in the US who have a haemoglobin score lower than 11 g/dL.

Patients had to get clinician confirmation of their diagnosis and then complete an online survey within 2 weeks of their latest haemoglobin reading.

This was a very difficult patient group to find. Initially we worked in partnership with the AAKP (largest US patient association). This yielded around half of the possible recruits.

We topped this up to 150 by using six different recruitment teams spread geographically across the US – who recruited the patients through clinician referrals and their own proprietary databases. The survey was completed within 3 months to satisfactory feedback from the client.

Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients

A multi-phase study where we were required to recruit 300 late stage cancer patients across Europe to understand their experiences while taking treatments for metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer.

We recruited and interviewed patients for an initial elicitation interview stage, subsequent cognitive debriefing and a final DCE online survey.

We found patients via a multi-source recruitment strategy. Using clinician referrals, advertisements and Patient Associations to find patients for the elicitation interviews, and then adding in multiple specialist online panels to the online stage, although due to the very low incidence rate, clinician referrals was the most productive recruitment source.

Global Perspectives also handled all translations, moderation and online scripting.

Off the back of the successful 2015 study, a 2016 follow up study was also commissioned with Global Perspectives.