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Understanding the purchase process of spare parts for agricultural machinery

We undertook a two part qual-quant study with farmers and contractors responsible for purchasing agricultural machinery.

We undertook 15 In-Depth Interviews to explore the topic and to prepare the survey questionnaire.

We then completed a 15 minute CATI survey with 325 respondents. We recruited and interviewed the respondents, scripted the survey and delivered the data.

European Dairy Farmers Survey on Herd Management

A telephone survey with 500 dairy farmers in 5 European countries to understand how they collect and analyse their herd and farm information.

Global Perspectives managed the design and translation of the survey, provided sample, recruited and interviewed the dairy farmers and delivered a clean SPSS database, tables and verbatim in English.

The results helped the client develop its next generation of herd management systems.

Recruitment of neurologists across 16 countries

We recruited neurologists specialising in Alzheimers Disease across 16 countries across Europe, Asia and North and Latin America.

The neurologists needed to be bilingual in English and the local language.

The clinicians reviewed a series of documents meant for Alzheimers patients by reviewing the translation and adding their local expertise.

The whole project took less than 1 month to coordinate and complete.

European ADHD Study

One of the largest studies every conducted about the effects of ADHD on children and their parents in 9 European countries.

We conducted 5-10 elicitation interviews per country with adolescents and their parents to help develop the quant questionnaire.

We then linguistically validated the questionnaire with patients in each country.

Finally, we recruited and surveyed over 4,000 respondents for the quant survey using a multi-source recruitment  strategy by combining a number of different online patient panels in each country.

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