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Re-thinking Graduate Careers

Our mission

At Global Perspectives, we invite patients to take part in scientific studies that aim to improve their treatments and quality of life.

Our innovative communication and project management strategies allow us to reach patients all around the world to ensure that their voice is heard.


We are looking for high achieving, dynamic and creative people to add to our International Project Management Team in Oviedo.

We offer the chance to develop a cutting edge career from here in Asturias. We offer industry-leading salaries, permanent contracts and a tailored career plan so that you can develop at the speed, and in the areas that suit you. Get in touch today!

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Trainee Project Manager

At Global Perspectives, we invite patients to take part in scientific studies that aim to improve their treatments and quality of life.

We are looking for:

  • Recent University graduates with very good average grades (at least an 8)
  • A very high level of English and experience living or studying in an English speaking country
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Curious with a great interest in learning
  • Motivation for managing international projects around the world from our office in Oviedo and form part of a talented team
  • Good IT and MS Office skills

Project Managers love giving exceptional client service and are able to find and implement solutions to communicate with hard-to-reach patient groups around the world.

This position is perfect for someone who would like to learn and progress in their career within an innovative, dynamic and international team. Global Perspectives is unique to Asturias and growing quickly every year!

Ideally the candidate would have a degree in economics, marketing or business with some knowledge of market research, but more important is an interest in business and the healthcare sector, an insatiable curiosity and the desire to find and implement solutions via critical thinking.

We offer an initial contract of 6 months. If everything has gone well after 6 months then we offer a permanent contract, a clear but flexible career path and one of the best compensation schemes in the country. Starting salary for trainees is EUR18,000 per year.

For more information, please take a look at the careers section of our website and contact Ana to explain why you find the Project Manager position exciting.

Global Patients Supporters

We are looking for a Patient Supporter to work with our Global Patients network from our office in Oviedo.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • A very high level of English and experience living or studying in an English-speaking country. Most of the work at Global Perspectives is done in English
  • A desire to talk to patients around the world to help them take part in scientific studies both via the telephone, email and social media
  • An interest in healthcare and the development of medicines to improve the lives of patients
  • Excellent communication and organization skills and ability to work in a team
  • Curious with a great interest in learning
  • Good IT and MS Office skills

This position is perfect for someone who enjoys speaking to a wide variety of people around the world, especially with people in the US, UK and Spain.

Ideally the candidate will have a University degree and experience of talking to members of the public in a customer facing role. The role offers an excellent career path and opportunities to develop skills in recruitment, community management, moderation and project management.

This is a great opportunity to work for an innovative, dynamic and international facing company as part of a supportive team that is experiencing tremendous growth.

We offer an initial contract of 6 months. After 6 months, if everything has gone well, then we offer a permanent contract. Please email if you are interested in this position.

An introduction to Global Perspectives

At Global Perspectives, Project Managers (PMs) have the fantastic opportunity of working for the best patient communication and project management team in the world from right here in Oviedo.

As a PM, the individual would become experienced in patient communication techniques through the management of international projects involving many different players throughout the world. By offering an unmatched client service, great PMs are essential for growing accounts and their career development is tailored to match their contribution to the business.

Global Perspectives provide all training in-house. We are looking for talented, enthusiastic and open-minded individuals with a record of high achievement and an insatiable curiosity to join our graduate PM programme. An interest in business and healthcare is also essential although experience in these fields is not necessary.

Below, you can find a short description of the Global Perspectives business model


Founded 10 years ago, initially Global Perspectives was a virtual network of three professionals working in different countries (UK, Spain and Belgium). We wanted to be able to serve an international client base without having to continue living in London. With the proliferation of high-speed internet, this was the perfect moment to work in such a way as it became possible to collaborate as a team across country borders.

By 2011, we had created a network of International Local Experts who advise Global Perspectives on the feasibility of each project, and then help find and communicate with patients. This network has grown and allows us to run projects in over 50 countries around the world.

“Only by understanding the capabilities of our Local Experts can we design communication strategies that meet the needs of our clients” KJETILL HOWARD, KEY ACCOUNT DIRECTOR”


By 2011, we realised that by combining our Project Management skills with our network of Local Experts, we can do things that traditional healthcare agencies cannot do.

International network working to the same high standards. By bringing in Local Experts as and when needed, we have access to a tremendous amount of flexible resource. We created a “Local expert validation procedure” where Local Experts are trained on the quality standards that we expect of a Global Perspectives Team Member. We structure the team for each project so that Local Experts have enough space to be creative and solve problems, but must work to a set of Standard Operating Procedures that guarantees compliance with the project specification.

Being successful at projects that other companies would turn down. The problem-solving skills of our PMs and the flexibility of our network means we can take on projects that our competitors would turn down. Not only can we commit to these projects, but we can commit to being successful. 99% of projects are successfully completed. We do this by using different resources at different moments within the project, so the GP Project Team shifts and morphs depending on which strategy is being successful right now i.e. agile and iterative learning. We design strategies for future projects by learning from past experiences of what has been successful and why. While our projects start off with a patient communication strategy, this strategy may contain a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C which change in priority as we learn over time.

Unmatched client service. Global Perspectives PMs are the day-to-day point of contact with the client and are responsible for the success of the projects. Our PMs are fantastic communicators and are able to access and analyse information quickly. This enables:

  • An unparalleled client-PM relationship. The PM listens to the needs of the client and comes up with the best recruitment strategy. Feedback from Local Experts helps the PM take decisions to enable the success of the project.
  • Feeedback defines our every move. We always look to engage conversations with clients and Local Experts. Only through feedback can we continue to find solutions for our projects and continue to provide fantastic customer service.


The sector which has been the best fit for our USPs is healthcare research where our clients want to communicate with rare and difficult to reach patients, Healthcare Professionals or Payers. We tailor the patient recruitment methodology to each individual study using our network of Local Experts. The best recruitment strategy maximises feasibility while keeping costs down. Our strategies use the following recruitment techniques:

  • Our Global Patients
  • Online panels
  • Clinician referrals
  • Patient Associations
  • Social Media advertising and targeting
  • Recruiter proprietary databases
  • Traditional advertising

Our Local Expert network also provide supplementary services that are often essential to the success of the study:

  • Moderators and Interviewers
  • Translators
  • Online survey scripters and data processors
  • Interviewing facilities

Here is an example of the type of project where we are very successful.

“Project Managers need to ensure the success of each project. It is exciting to think we have the power to do that from our seat in the office. At the beginning you might feel lost but there will be always somebody willing to help, and you will learn incredibly fast!” SONIA LOPEZ, PROJECT MANAGER


As we grew, we decide to open an office in Oviedo to allow us to have greater Project Management capabilities. The Oviedo, Aviles and Gijon area has many talented young people who often have to leave Asturias for the chance to work in international business. We want to persuade these talented individuals that they can have a great career from here in Oviedo and we also want to offer a way for experienced professionals to return to Asturias.

We currently have 10 PMs in our Oviedo office. For them, the journey has been challenging but very rewarding in terms of accomplishments, acquired skills, and career progression. New PMs follow a comprehensive induction where the goal is to transfer the knowledge and harness the skills that will allow them to become a great PM. The rate of learning must be relatively fast so that the PM can manage projects somewhat independently after the six month formation period, but it must be supportive while the PM works out how to do business and builds up their confidence.

“One of the things I really enjoy about working at Global Perspectives is the fact that you deal with people all around the world. You can talk to Japan in the morning, deal with Germany at lunch and have a meeting with Argentina late in the evening” PAULA GONZALEZ, PROJECT MANAGER


Below is an illustration of our revenue growth over the past 10 years as we have established our client base:

Right now, our focus is on serving the clinical healthcare market, although in the mid-term we would be well placed to enter new markets. Our biggest advantage is our ability to align, train and bring together varied resource around the world quickly, efficiently and all working to the same quality standards. The PM role will remain critical for coordinating resource, communicating to clients and solving problems before they arise by rearranging resource in real time.

Global Perspectives is well placed to thrive during the so-called third industrial revolution. We have no sunk-assets which we need to continue to squeeze revenue out of, and we bring in flexible resource as and when it is needed. Allied to this, is our increasing use of semi-automated tools in the areas of supplier selection, proposal generation and invoicing and accounting. We have big plans to expand the use of software across our Operations over the next few years.

We really hope that Global Perspectives sounds like an interesting place to work. Feel free to email Ana, our HR Manager any time at We will be very happy to talk and provide any further information.


The typical day of a Project Manager

Over the past few years, it has been a pleasure to see our first graduate recruits grow into outstanding Project Managers who are valued and trusted by our clients all over the world. It is incredible how they have matured and grown.

Our days here at Global Perspectives are incredibly varied. However, there are some elements that most days have in common. Our days here involve:

  • Designing strategies to communicate with specific patient groups across a number of countries and advising our clients on the best strategies
  • Talking to our Local Experts in each country to train them on a particular project, to catch-up on progress or to help them solve any issues that come up
  • Brainstorming ways in which to overcome issues or to improve an aspect of any given project
  • Client progress calls, sharing information about project methodology and protocol, understanding ethics and protocol requirements for different countries, working out how to improve what we do so that our clients can achieve the objectives of their study

From our experience, we have seen that the people who do well as a Project Manager, share the following characteristics:

  • Excited about working with people around the world on a daily basis
  • Enjoys new situations and preparing for them as much as possible
  • Wants responsibility and to progress their own career according to how they contribute to the team
  • Believes in the ability of other people, and trusts in their own ability to get the best out of them
  • A critical thinker who can form opinions based on the available information to help take a decision
  • Speaks excellent English. We use this language to communicate 90% of the time

A Project Manager at Global Perspectives can expect to work in a dynamic and learning-enabled environment, receive an industry-leading salary and progress at a pace that suits them. Our tailored performance review scheme allows PMs to set their own objectives and request to work in areas that interest them. The performance review ensures that individual, team and business goals align.




Our Office in Oviedo

At Global Perspectives, we understand the importance of a great space to allow us work together, come up with great ideas and work hard to make our projects a success.

We have recently moved into the best office in Oviedo, right in the centre of town and have re-designed the space to have the following facilities:

  • 330m2 of working space
  • Large Focus group room where we can talk to patients directly
  • Six separate formal and informal spaces where PMs can come together and draw up ideas
  • Large personal desks for each PM arranged in teams
  • Kitchen, coffee bar and communal area for lunch

We run a paper-less office. PMs are given their own laptop and iPhone on which to organise their work on our secure cloud. We make use of various apps and software that allows us to share information in an organised and productive manner, and we have large screens and projectors to help present to larger groups.