Trainee Market Research Project Manager

Global Perspectives, an international market research company for the pharmaceutical sector is looking for

  • Recent university graduates with the best average grades (at least an 8 in Spain)
  • With an excellent level of English and who have lived or studied in an English-speaking country. All the work in the office takes place in English
  • Loves learning and finds learning easy
  • Motivation to manage international projects around the whole world from our office in Oviedo and work in our unique, talented team
  • Good level of IT and MS Office

This position would be perfect for someone who wants to learn and gain experience within an international environment without having to leave Asturias

  • Desire to give exceptional client service through the ability to find solutions
  • Wants to progress their professional career while improving our way of doing business

Ideally, the candidate would have a degree in Economics, Marketing or Business Management with knowledge about Market Research, although much more important is their interest in business and the pharmaceutical sector, and an insatiable curiosity.

We offer an initial contract of 3 months. After 3 months, we will offer a permanent contract to the best candidates.


Global Perspectives™: A short guide to recruiting payers across Europe

Over the past 12 months, we have seen an increased demand from our clients for recruiting and interviewing payers across Europe.

Now that we have completed a numbers of healthcare payer projects, we wanted to share a little of what we have learned:

  • Payers tend to work for drug advisory boards and purchasing committees either at national or regional administrative level, at medical insurers or at local hospitals or clinics
  • Identifying exactly who is a payer and whether you will want to speak to them depends on the regulatory healthcare environment in each country. For example, most of the hospitals in Germany are part of bigger hospital groups where drug purchasing is centrally regulated. In Austria, the Medical Insurer Drug Advisory committees are very policy-relevant at national level.
  • Recruiters must have a good knowledge of the national, regional and local drug purchase decision making process in each country in order to decide who we can target for the study recruitment, and how many participants we could possibly achieve. Determining the recruitment strategy based on previous experiences is specially key for the success of this type of projects.
  • The responsibilities of payers varies according to each country. For example, payers in Spain tend to be associated with each autonomous region. Payers in France can be national or local in scope, but national payers belong to the public administration and are usually not open to being interviewed

We have successfully recruited and interviewed payers in 12 European countries in the past 12 months. We are therefore able to give you advice about your payer project during the planning process.

As we learn more at Global Perspectives™, we will update you. We are currently exploring the payer environment in countries outside Europe such as Russia, Egypt and Thailand.

Please contact Alba Pertierra for more information.


Global Perspectives™: Recruitment and validation of patients via social media for market research studies

Social media is a great way to find potential patients for your healthcare market research study, but in order to produce reliable data, patients must first be validated.

Social media is becoming an increasingly fruitful way to recruit patients for market research studies. Social media gives us a fantastic opportunity to communicate directly with large numbers of patients through their smartphones which they carry around with them every day.

At Global Perspectives™ we recognise the importance of process and validation during the social media recruitment process. This enables us to minimize risk and ensure that patients are who we think they are.

Global Perspectives™ are here to help you recruit patients via social media quickly, accurately and reliably.

Recruitment methods and process

Patients of all kinds, including hard-to-reach patients often use social media to help find information and support for their disease or condition. This allows us to target and find patients for market research surveys in a number of different ways.

Via patient association social media pages

Global Perspectives™ have agreements with many patient associations around the world. Patient associations will post information about the project on their social media pages (usually Facebook and sometimes on their own website community pages). Patients will be prompted in the advert to contact either the recruiter or the patient association to register their interest in the study. The recruiter will then call the patient to go through the screening process.

Via social media targeted advertising

Global Perspectives™ have the ability to target patients via Facebook adverts that appear on the patients’ Facebook homepage. The advert appears on the page of those people who have been searching or talking about a certain disease recently. For example, in a recent project, we recruited 10 Hodgkin Lymphoma patients in the UK by advertising on the Facebook pages of people who had searching in Google for Hodgkin Lymphoma or who have liked pages about Hodgkin Lymphoma on Facebook. We can also select patients according to their geography.

Validation of patients

Whichever way we find patients, it is essential to be able to validate patients to ensure that they are who they say they are.

Recruiter validation

All patients who show an interest in the project via social media are screened by an experienced professional healthcare recruiter. This gives a chance for the recruiter to discuss the project with the respondent. We also recommend that the recruiter goes through the screening questions with the respondents so we can ensure that the respondent meets the eligibility criteria. This holds true even when recruiting for online surveys.

Closed survey links

We do not recommend posting open online survey links on social media. This can be seen as an invitation for fraudulent behaviour, not by the patients, but by other members of the social media platform who are attracted by the survey incentives. Using an open survey link means that anyone in the world can complete the survey and any resulting data cannot be trusted. We recommend using social media to find patients, but then sending a unique survey link to validated patients via email.

Disguised screeners

Whatever way we validate patients, we must ensure that respondents cannot guide the eligibility criteria in the screening questions. If a wide range of potential respondents are invited to complete the screening section then it is important that the screener is disguised to ensure that a respondent cannot guess what options they need to pick in order to become eligible for the survey. If we cannot disguise the official screener then sometimes we will use a pre-screener as part of the social media selection process.

Confirmation of diagnosis

Increasingly, clients are asking Global Perspectives™ to obtain confirmation of diagnosis from patients when recruiting them for market research studies that later will be published in a scientific journal. This is an excellent way of ensuring that patients are eligible for the survey and that all resulting data will be valid. Exactly how we do this depends on the patient group, but it can be done in a number of ways:

  • Asking patients to take a validation of diagnosis note to their nurse or physician so that it can be signed by then
  • Recruiting via physicians who also agree to validate the diagnosis of their referred patients (with patient consent)
  • Asking patients to take a photo of their medication
  • Any other proof of diagnosis such as Doctor visit summary printouts or a screenshot of their healthcare patient portal

Semi-automated validation

At Global Perspectives™, we are working on a semi-automated validation process for when recruiting patients via social media. This process may be similar to that used by online panel companies to validate their panel members and may use tools such as “respondent profile checks” by comparing a respondent’s social media profile to a profile questionnaire. We expect to have more details about this later in the year.

Social media is just one of the recruitment strategies that Global Perspectives™ use to recruit patients around the world. We are here to help our clients decide whether to use social media recruitment for any particular project, and if so, the best way of reaching and validating those patients. Please contact Joe Waby for more information.

SOPs at Global Perspectives

Over the past few years, we have made SOPs a priority here at Global Perspectives.

We have seen how Standard Operating Procedures and Study Protocols form an integral part of our healthcare clients´projects, and as the global patient and HCP recruitment expert, our procedures must be aligned to our clients´expectations.

As we have grown at Global Perspectives, we have also seen a need to be able to communicate and formalize our high quality standards to our growing team of Project Managers and Local Experts, to ensure that our research is always high quality, no matter who is involved in the project across the world.

For that reason, an SOP plan is implemented for each and every project managed at Global Perspectives:

  • The Global Perspectives Master SOPs are developed by Project Team Director by listening to our clients needs, studying industry regulations and analysing the Project Management process
  • Our Project Managers are thoroughly trained on our SOPs and follow them for each and every project
  • The Project Managers brief and train Local Experts on specific SOPs for each and every project, meaning that everyone, from Project Manager, to recruiter, moderator and translator, is following the same SOPs
  • Project Managers feed back to the Project Team Director for continuous improvement to the SOPs

For complete transparency, we are happy to share our SOPs with all our clients – and we look to improve our SOPs based on client feedback.

If you would like to see the latest copy of our SOPs then please contact Joe Waby at

Sales Support Associate

Job location: Waterloo Office Park, near Brussels, Belgium (please only reply if you live in commuting distance).

As our new Sales Support Assistant you will be part of a rapidly expanding, international agency specialized in healthcare research.  You will report to the Business Development Director and work closely with our market research teams, associates and partners throughout the world.

Your main responsibilities are:

  • Help manage and respond to incoming requests for proposals
  • Independently collect costs for global research services, write proposals and liaise with co-operation partners and clients all over the world
  • Independently create, maintain and control databases of partners, researchers and clients
  • Help source new partners and conduct “due diligence” interviews
  • Help create and produce marketing concepts and support materials

Your profile:

  • You are intelligent, analytical and creative
  • You are not afraid of picking up new responsibilities and get things done!
  • You have a bachelor degree in management, marketing, economics or something similar
  • You have a good knowledge of MS Office and can use Excel for calculation of s with ease!
  • You have the potential to take advantage of our growth and become a senior business developer in a couple of years …
  • You are totally fluent in English, both written and spoken; any other European language is a plus (but not a must). Only applications written in English will be considered!

What we offer:

  • Global Perspectives™ ( is an international market research agency servicing clients and markets all over the world
  • We are a team of research professionals based in Belgium, UK, US, Spain and South Africa
  • We are ambitious, growing fast and need your help to implement our goals and visions through innovative e-marketing solutions, great customer support and high service quality
  • You will learn fast through our on-the-job training programs
  • We offer a competitive entry-level salary and great development opportunities in a relaxed (but busy) working environment

Does this demanding and challenging (but fun!) position attract you? If you are interested in this position please submit your curriculum vitae and motivation letter in English via (we will not accept any other method of contact).

Please note that this is an entry level position ideal for someone at the beginning of their career who has recently finished their University studies.

Market Research Quality Manager

You must send your CV and covering letter in English to in order to be considered for this position.

We are looking for an experienced Market Research Manager to integrate into our fast growing international market research team in Oviedo. The qualities we are looking for are:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience managing international market research projects
  • A record of high achievement. Regularly achieving above and beyond expectations, both academically and during employment
  • A native/very high level of English
  • A high level of expertise regarding quant and qual methodologies such as online surveys, IDIs and ethnographies
  • Experience implementing and improving standard procedures
  • Experience working with team members all over the world to produce a seamless high quality client experience
  • Excellent communication and IT skills including Microsoft Office

As a Market Research Quality Manager, you will:

  • Act as a point of reference for our Project Managers in terms of methodology expertise and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Train Project Managers where necessary and record feedback
  • Implement the new Local Expert SOPs initiative and train where necessary
  • Manage market research projects all over the world specialising mainly in healthcare and the recruitment of patients and clinicians for market research studies that support clinical trials and product development
  • Communicate with clients and design research strategies to ensure their needs are met
  • Prepare costs and proposals
  • Liaise and train our Local Experts in more than 50 countries around the world using email/telephone
  • Contribute to business growth through managing market campaigns etc.

We offer an excellent opportunity for a high achieving professional to be part of a growing international company from Asturias. Successful candidates will be awarded a 6 month contract. If all goes well in the first 6 months then a permanent contract will be awarded.

Career opportunities

At Global Perspectives, we are an enthusiastic team of professionals who are committed to providing the best recruitment and interviewing experience to our clients and market research respondents around the world.

If you would like to be part of an ambitious, fast growing company within a dynamic, supportive and rewarding environment then check out the job opportunities below:

Trainee Market Research Project Manager, Oviedo, Spain


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