The typical day of a Project Manager

Over the past few years, it has been a pleasure to see our first graduate recruits grow into outstanding Project Managers who are valued and trusted by our clients all over the world. It is incredible how they have matured and grown.

Our days here at Global Perspectives are incredibly varied. However, there are some elements that most days have in common. Our days here involve:

  • Designing strategies to communicate with specific patient groups across a number of countries and advising our clients on the best strategies
  • Talking to our Local Experts in each country to train them on a particular project, to catch-up on progress or to help them solve any issues that come up
  • Brainstorming ways in which to overcome issues or to improve an aspect of any given project
  • Client progress calls, sharing information about project methodology and protocol, understanding ethics and protocol requirements for different countries, working out how to improve what we do so that our clients can achieve the objectives of their study

From our experience, we have seen that the people who do well as a Project Manager, share the following characteristics:

  • Excited about working with people around the world on a daily basis
  • Enjoys new situations and preparing for them as much as possible
  • Wants responsibility and to progress their own career according to how they contribute to the team
  • Believes in the ability of other people, and trusts in their own ability to get the best out of them
  • A critical thinker who can form opinions based on the available information to help take a decision
  • Speaks excellent English. We use this language to communicate 90% of the time

A Project Manager at Global Perspectives can expect to work in a dynamic and learning-enabled environment, receive an industry-leading salary and progress at a pace that suits them. Our tailored performance review scheme allows PMs to set their own objectives and request to work in areas that interest them. The performance review ensures that individual, team and business goals align.