Our Office in Oviedo

At Global Perspectives, we understand the importance of a great space to allow us work together, come up with great ideas and work hard to make our projects a success.

We have recently moved into the best office in Oviedo, right in the centre of town and have re-designed the space to have the following facilities:

  • 330m2 of working space
  • Large Focus group room where we can talk to patients directly
  • Six separate formal and informal spaces where PMs can come together and draw up ideas
  • Large personal desks for each PM arranged in teams
  • Kitchen, coffee bar and communal area for lunch

We run a paper-less office. PMs are given their own laptop and iPhone on which to organise their work on our secure cloud. We make use of various apps and software that allows us to share information in an organised and productive manner, and we have large screens and projectors to help present to larger groups.