Global Perspectives™: Supporting clinical trials via patient interviews

Over the past few years, Global Perspectives™ has been increasingly involved in projects to support clinical trials by conducting semi-structured qualitative interviews with patients that are selected to take part in these studies – all over the world.

The objective is to add greater depth to the clinical outcome assessment (COA) by learning from the patients’ own experiences, expectations and emotions around the trial from start to finish. The interviews are often designed to capture reported symptom changes and patient perception of the treatment. The interviews deliver valuable insights for the interpretation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and for possible trial design modifications.

Assuming that patients are screened, selected and consented by clinical site staff, Global Perspectives provide experienced moderators that interview in the native language at the site, at an external facility, or by telephone. The first interview is often just after patient selection with follow-up interviews taking place throughout the duration of the trial. We encourage the first interview to be conducted face-to-face so that the moderator builds trust and rapport with the patient. However, the location and interview method is entirely up to the patient.

The number of interviews will vary depending on the enrolment period, length of the trial and overall purpose and need for patient feedback. For example, a trial requiring a surgical procedure may be scheduled to take 2-3 years and the project may define that six interviews with each patient will be conducted with the following intervals:

  1. Just after selection and enrolment
  2. 2 weeks after the procedure
  3. 6 weeks after
  4. 6 months after
  5. 12 months after
  6. When the patient exit’s the clinical trial, is cured or resumes standard care

The interview length may vary from 30-60 minutes for the first interview to just 10-15 minutes for the follow-up and final interviews.

Global Perspectives™ can also combine conventional face-to-face and telephone interviews with electronic diaries. This is particularly useful if a frequent record of events is deemed beneficial for the subsequent analysis.

If you would like to discuss how Global Perspectives™ can support your clinical trial, please contact Kjetill Howard.