SOPs at Global Perspectives

Over the past few years, we have made SOPs a priority here at Global Perspectives.

We have seen how Standard Operating Procedures and Study Protocols form an integral part of our healthcare clients´projects, and as the global patient and HCP recruitment expert, our procedures must be aligned to our clients´expectations.

As we have grown at Global Perspectives, we have also seen a need to be able to communicate and formalize our high quality standards to our growing team of Project Managers and Local Experts, to ensure that our research is always high quality, no matter who is involved in the project across the world.

For that reason, an SOP plan is implemented for each and every project managed at Global Perspectives:

  • The Global Perspectives Master SOPs are developed by Project Team Director by listening to our clients needs, studying industry regulations and analysing the Project Management process
  • Our Project Managers are thoroughly trained on our SOPs and follow them for each and every project
  • The Project Managers brief and train Local Experts on specific SOPs for each and every project, meaning that everyone, from Project Manager, to recruiter, moderator and translator, is following the same SOPs
  • Project Managers feed back to the Project Team Director for continuous improvement to the SOPs

For complete transparency, we are happy to share our SOPs with all our clients – and we look to improve our SOPs based on client feedback.

If you would like to see the latest copy of our SOPs then please contact Joe Waby at