Global Perspectives™ – Health State and Time Trade-off Surveys to determine Quality of Life

At Global Perspectives™, we are becoming very experienced at undertaking health state and trade-off surveys across multiple countries among the general population and certain patient groups.

We have undertaken 15  TTO projects in the past 2 years in 9 different countries, using both lead-time methodology and the standard TTO approach.

The key to the success of these projects is in the training of the interviewer teams and monitoring of the resulting interview data. It is essential that interviewers are very comfortable with the TTO methodology and can guide and prompt respondents in the correct way to help achieve a maximum proportion of valid interviews.

The procedure we recommend is:

  1. All interviewers take place in a training call led by the client – we recommend the client leads this call, as each TTO methodology is slightly different. Global Perspective’s™ Project Manager will also take part in this training. A TTO interviewing team should be made up of 4-5 experience market research interviewers
  2. The GP Project Manager then undertakes a second training call, focusses on role play and comprehension testing to ensure that the interviewers know exactly what they should be doing during the interviews
  3. We check the data after the first day of interviews, say on the first 10 records and the client checks the data to make sure it looks like the respondents and interviewers are following the TTO interview script correctly and that the respondent is making logical choices between the health states
  4. If all is good, then the remaining 90 interviews take place
  5. A similar check is then done on all 100 records to see whether any respondents need replacing
  6. As we continue to manage TTO projects in certain countries then we try to use the same interviewer teams so that they can build on their previous experience and training

As Global Perspectives™ are experts in patient recruitment, we can either recruit members of the general population or specific patient groups to take part in the TTO interviews.

For more information, please contact Sonia López.