Local experts recruit and interview around the world

Projects at Global Perspectives™ are managed centrally by the Project Management Team, but it is the Global Perspectives™ team of Local Experts who help define the recruitment strategy for each project, and who ultimately will be the ones who undertake the research.

Global Perspectives™ Local Experts can be any of the following:

  • Specialists recruiters who know who best to get hold of a particular audience. Usually recruiters specialise in a certain area such as patient recruitment, HCP recruitment, consumer recruitment or B2B recruitment.
  • Moderators who will undertake the qualitative interviews. Again moderators will usually have a specialist area, such as healthcare or B2B recruitment, while some specialise in focus groups or in-depth interviews.
  • Translators. There are three types of translation services that we use of Global Perspectives™ projects; translations of project materials, simultaneous translation of telephone or face to face interviews; and transcription of audio files into English. We provide back translation and reconciliation services on request.

One of the most important roles of the Project Management Team is the selection, validation and training of Local Experts. Global Perspectives™ can only continue to deliver excellent work if the best local experts are selected, and the communication and training of Local Experts is thorough, timely and appropriate.