Confirmation of diagnosis for HEOR surveys

Increasingly, clients are asking Global Perspectives™ to obtain confirmation of diagnosis from patients when recruiting them for market research studies that later will be published in a scientific journal.

We have had a lot of success in confirming the diagnosis of patients. Exactly how we do this depends on the patient group, but it can be done in a number of ways:

  • Asking patients to take a validation of diagnosis note to their nurse or physician so that it can be signed by then
  • Recruiting via physicians who also agree to validate the diagnosis of their referred patients (with patient consent)
  • Asking patients to take a photo of their medication
  • Any other proof of diagnosis such as Doctor visit summary printouts or a screenshot of their healthcare patient portal

In 2016, we had a lot of success which such studies, especially in the USA, and increasing we are being asked to provide confirmation of diagnosis in Europe too.

For more information, please contact Diana de la Puente.